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We have an extensive array of multi-vitamin options, including those made from raw, whole-food concentrates. Some of our brands include Pure Essence Labs, Garden Of Life, New Chapter, and Nature's Plus (as well as several others). Likewise, we also have options targeted towards men, women, teens, seniors, and specific issues.


Single & Combination Vitamins​

We have a full wall of just vitamins (A, all the B's, C, D3, E, etc.) and minerals (copper, magnesium, zinc, etc.). Don't like taking pills? In addition to capsule/tablet forms we also have liquid nutrients (including colloidal minerals) and lozenges. Come in and check out our numerous nutrient brands.


Heart Health​

Looking for natural ways to lower cholesterol, maintain healthy blood pressure, clean out your arteries, and strengthen your heart? We have a wide variety of supplements than can help, including Red Yeast Rice, Coenzyme Q10, Garlic Extract, Cayenne Pepper Extract, Cinammon Extract, and many others.



Every season seems to bring an illness, especially during school and when colder weather sets in. We have products to help keep you in optimal health, whether you want to prevent catching what is going around or you've already contracted something. Check out our selection of colloidal silver, nucleotides, herbal immune boosters, and more.


Bone Health

Bone health is about more than just calcium; there are a wide variety of other nutrients that work together to restore and maintain bone integrity. We carry several brands of products that utilize a broad spectrum of nutrients that work together to promote bone health, including New Chapter, Garden of Life, Jarrow, Solaray, Solgar, Nature's Plus, and many others.


Single & Combination Herbs​

The Golden Almond is well stocked with both isolated herbal extracts as well as combinations of herbs targeted towards specific conditions. Though we don't have loose leaf (bulk) herbs, we can special order most of these in various sizes from one of our suppliers.


Mind Health​

Want a sharper mind well into your later years or have a child that can't seem to focus? At any age the brain needs a wide spectrum of nutrients to function optimally. We have several products for both memory and focus that are targeted to specific ages and issues so that you and your loved ones can remain sharp for a lifetime.


Adrenal & Thyroid Health

Feeling tired and run down? Struggling to wake up for work in the morning? These could be symptoms of stress on the thyroid and adrenals. Though all of the organs of the body are connected, the thyroid and adrenal glands are particularly associated with maintaining appropriate levels of key hormones and keeping a slim waistline.


Weight Loss & Workout

We have two entire sections of the store devoted to weight loss products (including Green Coffee Bean Extract, Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketones, etc.), protein supplements (including Vegan Raw Plant Proteins and Whey Protein), and workout supplements (including Creatine, Electrolytes, and L-Carnitine).


Men's & Women's Hormone Balance​

Whether you're a male looking for more stamina or  a female wanting some relief from menopause, we have a variety of supplements targeted towards these issues. We also carry products that support the thyroid, adrenals, and other glands that influence  the body's hormone production.


Liver & Kidney Health

Everything in the body is connected to the liver in some way because it's the primary organ that filters toxins from the food we eat. Over time, the liver (as well as the kidney's that support it) can lose functional efficiency, especially if your diet isn't optimal. We carry several products to detox and maintain liver/kidney function.


Digestive Health

As we age, digestion can become ineffecient as our natural production of enzymes needed to break down food decreases and the ratio of beneficial instestinal flora becomes imbalanced. We carry several products to re-establish optimal digestive effeciency and ensure that your body is making the most of the foods you eat.


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