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CBD Cannabis Oil

CBD is derived directly from the Hemp (Cannabis sativa) plant that has been specifically bred to contain less than 0.3% THC (below the legal limit allowed in all 50 U.S. states). While many of the components of CBD-rich cannabis extracts have been identified and studied for their many health effects (listed below), there are additionally many more cannbinoids in hemp extract that are still being discovered, along with their potential benefits. CBD Oil has extensive testing showing its safety with both children and adults and comes in a variety of forms, including sprays, drops, softgels, balms, gummies, edibles, and vape pen liquids. We retain the Certificates Of Analysis on file for all our CBD products ensuring that they offer the CBD potency you expect and remain under the 0.3% THC federal legal limit.  

CBD for Pain Relief

CBD Oil has extensive research and use in the management acute and chronic pain.

CBD for Nausea & Upset Stomach

CBD Oil can help to lessen nausea and upset stomach from several causes.

CBD for Inflammation Reduction

CBD Oil studies indicate that it may help reduce both acute & chronic inflammation.

CBD as Anti-Bacterial/Anti-Fungal

CBD Oil research has shown it may have topical & internal anti-microbial properties.

CBD for Bone Density & Growth

CBD Oil has emerging research indicating it may stimulant enhanced bone growth.

CBD for Anxiety & Stress

CBD Oil research shows that it can have a calming and normative effect on the mind.

CBD for Seizure Issues

CBD Oil research indicates it can help with tremor/epileptic issues in children & adults.

CBD for Artery & Blood Health

CBD Oil research indicates it may have anti-schemic effects to assist in blood flow.

CBD for Muscle Spasms

CBD Oil has research showing it may calm nerves and suppress muscle spasms.

CBD for Immune Modulating

CBD Oil research shows it may modulate both over-/under-active immune conditions.

CBD for Blood Sugar Control

CBD Oil has shown results in research with modulating blood sugar & insulin response.

CBD for Sleep & Restfulness

CBD Oil studies show it may help in getting to sleep quicker and getting deeper sleep.

CBD for Cancer/Tumor Cells

CBD Oil research shows it may have an anti -proliferative effects on some cancer cells.

CBD for Skin Psoriasis/Eczema

CBD Oil has research in alleviating eczema redness and autoimmune psoriasis  issues.

CBD for Nerve Health

CBD Oil research indicates a possible neuro -protective effect on the nervous system.

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Fountain Of Health CBD

Fountain Of Health is our most concentrated CBD line with 3.4 milligrams of CBD per drop. While other lines usually measure their CBD or general hemp extract by the dropper, we encourage customers to measure Fountain Of Health products by the drop as most people feel the effects with as little as 5 drops (and work their way up to 10, 15, or 20 drops for relief of more severe issues). Fountain of Health products are derived from hemp organically grown on their own farm and extracted in their own facilities utilizing a proprietary CO2 extraction method that is more delicate on the cannabis constituents and yields a superior profile of cannabinoids and a broad terpene spectrum. This makes Fountain Of Health CBD products a great choice for a long list of desired effects, including relief from pain, anxiety, sleep problems, neurological issues, etc. Additionally, our everyday price for this line is lower than you will find anywhere, including the internet.

Upstate Elevator CBD

Upstate Elevator hemp is harvested from their own sustainable farm in Vermont where they organically grow their cannabis and do all the extraction in-house at their own facilities. Their patented lipid-extraction method sets them apart from other lines as many of the terpenes and cannabinoids that aren't collected by other extraction techniques carry over into these finished products, giving them more potent effects and a wider list of ailments they can address. Upstate Elevator has a full spectrum of products, including liquid tinctures, liquid capsules, gummies, and pet CBD products. Their liquid-capsules in particular are a customer favorite because they are higher dose than most CBD capsules from other lines and because they are CBD Oil liquid inside vege-capsules they work just as fast as tinctures once the capsule opens in the stomach after ingestion.

Upstate Elevator Products.jpg
Garden of Life CBD.jpg

Garden Of Life CBD

Garden of Life is one of the best known brands in the natural health market, with over two decades of history making natural supplements. Their new CO2-extracted CBD line is an extension of this innovation with high-dose products and function-specific CBD formulas for issues such as sleep, anxiety, inflammation, etc. They also utilize added terpenes in addition to the ones naturally present in the cannabis plant to enhance the cannabinoid/terpene profile of the final products (known as the "entourage effect" in which terpenes and cannabinoids enhance the absorption and effects of the CBD itself). Additionally, this entire CBD line contains a guaranteed 0% THC (which is rare for a full-spectrum CBD line that doesn't contain just CBD isolate).

Charlotte's Web CBD Oil

The Charlotte's Web line is the most recognized brand of CBD Oil products and offers a strong potency of broad-spectrum hemp extract in their formulas. Every Charlotte's Web product utilizes the whole-plant, CO2-extract of cannabis that retains the full spectrum of enzymes, terpenes, cannibinoids, and cannabidiol (CBD). These are available in hemp oil liquid droppers (both unflavored and mint versions), capsule form, and in topical balm/lotion form. This line also has a pet-specific CBD product that can be used with cats and dogs. We retain the Certificates Of Analysis on file for these products ensuring that they offer the CBD potencies you expect and remain under 0.3% THC (the federal legal limit).

CV Science (+Plus CBD)

CV Science is the most well-respected company in the feild of hemp extracts and their extremely popular Plus CBD line of cannabis-based products is outstanding. They also have one of the broadest selections of CBD product types, ranging from flavored sprays, oil droppers, softgels, capsules, and topical balms. We carry their full line, ranging from doses as low as 1mg-per-serving to 15mg-per-serving and retain all their Certificates Of Analysis on file for each product showing the exact content of CBD as well as ensuring that they all remain well under 0.3% THC (the federal legal limit).

Cheef Botanicals CBD Gummies

Cheef Botanicals is one of the few cannabis lines that utilizes a full spectrum extract in their organic gummies. Most gummies that contain CBD contain only utilize the CBD isolate, which helps with some issues effectively, but to get the broader benefits of CBD it's helpful to have the full spectrum extract of cannabinoids and terpenes as well. Cheef Botanicals utilizes a full spectrum CBD extract for their gummies to provide this wider range of health effects, and also has higher dose options (up to 50mg per gummy, while as most lines max out around 5mg to 10mg of CBD per gummy). Kept inside glass bottles, these CBD gummies stay fresh longer and are appropriate for both adults and kids. As always, we only carry CBD gummies that are naturally formulated (and in this case organic), with no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

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