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Paleo Diet Products

​We carry the Paleo Simplified bars, as well as Paleo Bread (in almond & coconut varieties), Paleo Wraps, Paleo Pizza Crust, and Paleo AlmondThin Crackers that are gluten-free/grain-free/low-carb.


Herbal Force Raw Aloe

​Finally, a truely raw aloe that uses a cold process to filter out the alloin (aloe latex) while retaining all the beneficial enzymes and phytonutrients to help with digestion and a myriad of other body issues.​

Camu Camu Vitamin C

​Looking for a truly natural Vitamin C? Look no further than the Harmonic Innerprizes Camu Camu Vitamin C concentrate. This is a plant-source Vitamin C w/ all the plant co-factors for utilization.

Coconut Ice Cream

​Organic, Raw Coconut Ice Cream in the vanilla flavor from Coconut Secret is a decadent treat without the guilt as it's sweetened with organic coconut nectar that is low-glycemic and a prebiotic.​


We're constantly getting in new flavors of organic, raw kombucha and now also carry the alcohol-free "enlightened" kombucha (the classic kombucha has about 0.5% alcohol from natural fermentation).

Local, Grass-Fed Beef

We've brought in completely natural and local grass-fed beef (raised and packaged locally). We have Jerkey, Fajita, New York Strip, and Ground Beef styles (store supply based on farmer supply).​


The box set of the SCRUTINY By Xeridian anti-aging skincare line contains the full spectrum of organic treatment formulas in one convenient set that saves you over 10% compared to buying them individually.

Flax & Chia from G.O.L.

​Though we have always carried flax seeds and chia seeds, this Garden Of Life product combines them together in their milled form (perfect for adding to smoothies and protein/fiber drinks).​

Molly's Suds & Dryer Balls

​Molly's Suds is a truly natural detergent that publishes all its ingredients on the packaging (most laundry products don't). We carry both the detergent and the chemical-free dryer (wool) balls.​

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