In-Store Coupons & Discounts

Social Media Discount

"Check in" to the Golden Almond on Facebook and show us at the counter to get up to 10% off your purchase.*

Just before getting to the checkout counter, login to Facebook on your smartphone, go to our Golden Almond Facebook page, then "check in" (we'll show you how if you need assistance), or tag us in a Facebook or Instagram post. You can show us that you've checked in or tagged us every time you make a purchase to get up to 10% off your purchase.*


Print Out A Coupon

Print our our store coupon here, fill it out, then present it at checkout to get up to 10% off your purchase.*

Print our store coupon by clicking here (or if you don't have a pdf viewer then click here and print the page), fill in your name/email, then present it at checkout to get up to 10% off. You can use this coupon with every purchase, but remember that the coupon's date stamp changes monthly so make sure the one you bring in matches the current month.*



Senior Discount

Those 60 years of age or older are eligible to have an up to 10% discount applied to every purchase.*

If you are 60 years of age or older let us know at checkout and we'll take up to 10% off to your purchase. Remember to tell us because it's not always apparent and we feel awkward asking! As with all our other discounts, seniors are also eligible to have their Frequent Buyer Card stamped with the value of their purchase.*


Frequent Buyer Card

Get your Frequent Buyer Card stamped with every purchase and redeem it for up to 20% off when it's full.*

If you don't already have a Fequent Buyer Card, ask for one at the checkout counter and we'll stamp it with the value of your purchase. Once the card is full then it can be redeemed for up to 20% off a future purchase. Remember, your card can be stamped while using any other discount but cannot be redeemed at the same time as other discounts.*

*some alterations/exclusions apply to certain items/departments & items already on sale; ask a store staff member for details regarding how specific coupons and discounts apply to different store items.

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